1.1 Can I change or cancel my pledge amount at any time?

Yes, absolutely! 🙂


1.2 How often will I be charged?

You will be charged up front when you first pledge, and then on the 1st of every month (PST) thereafter.


1.3 I want to become a Patron, but don't know which tier is best for me?

Here's a quick rundown:

  • FAN TIER ($2)
    Early access to public builds (does not have access to all the scenes) and vote in Patreon polls!
    ALL OF THE ABOVE PLUS: Access to patron builds (contains all scenes).
  • ADDICT TIER ($10)
    ALL OF THE ABOVE PLUS: Access to cheat builds (contains all scenes and cheat menu [naked busts, infinite money, skip time, unlock gallery and scenes etc.]
  • EXPERT TIER ($15)
    ALL OF THE ABOVE PLUS: Your name immortalized in the credits of Quickie: A Love Hotel Story and 5x weighted votes on our Patreon polls.
  • LEGEND TIER ($20)
    ALL OF THE ABOVE PLUS: Add a message into Quickie: A Love Hotel Story and 10x weighted votes on our Patreon polls.
    ALL OF THE ABOVE PLUS: Access to exclusive monthly Connoisseur art, submit idea for Connoisseur Sketch poll and 15x weighted votes on our Patreon polls.


1.4 I've just become a patron! Now what?

Now that you're a patron, you’ll have access to our patron only feed where you can download builds, images and vote on the polls. But our Patreon feed can be very overwhelming - so we've put together a Patreon Guide to help you navigate the posts! 

Quick Download List:
- All patrons ($2+) have access to the game downloads through the Games Library.
- Addicts ($10+) get access to the Addict Packs.
- Connoisseurs ($30+) get access to exclusive monthly art which can be viewed in the Connoisseur Gallery or through the Art Library.

Quickie: A Love Hotel Story

2.1 How often will you release builds for Quickie: A Love Hotel Story?

We aim to release a new build every 2 months on Patreon. We will release public builds roughly one week after the Patreon build's release.


2.2 How do I get access to the update?

You have to download each new update as they are available. You can find the latest releases with our Patreon Guide.


2.3 How do I transfer my save?

1. Open the game that has the save data you want and go to the Main Menu.
2. Click on the Save Icon, to open Save Data menu. 
Select the COPY button, to save code to clipboard. (You should be prompted with a message at the bottom of the popup saying "Save copied to clipboard!")
4. Open the game you want to load your save into, and go to the Main Menu
5. Click on the Save Icon, to open Save Data menu.
6. Paste (Ctrl+V or Command+V) the save code into the LOAD data field.
7. Hit the IMPORT button and agree to override old save.
8. Hit Continue button in Main Menu!


2.4 I've pledged, but the premium content is still locked.

Please make sure you've downloaded the latest release and the correct build. Premium ($5) and Cheat ($10) builds will have all the scenes, but Fan ($2) builds will not.


2.5 I'm stuck in the game! Can you help?

You can find our QLHS Walkthrough here. If you're still having trouble, you can also ask for help in our Discord server.


2.6 When will the game be released on Steam's Early Access?

The Early Access release date is still to be announced.


2.7 How much will the game sell for on Steam?

We will announce the price with the Early Access release date.


2.8 When will the game be finished?

We don't know yet - but we are hoping to finish the game sometime in 2022.


2.9 Will you be translating Quickie: A Love Hotel Story?

Yes, but not right now. Unfortunately, as the content is still being created and prone to being changed, we won't be translating the game until the content is done.


2.10 I've found a bug. Where can I report it?

You can report a bug in our #report-a-bug channel on our Discord.

Quickie Short Novels

3.1 What happened to the monthly Quickie releases? Will you be continuing that series?

We will no longer be doing short-form, monthly content and instead will move our focus to Quickie: A Love Hotel Story. We understand some of you may miss the older, fast content, but we hope we will be able to deliver a much higher quality experience with this new project.


3.2 As a Patron, will I still be able to access Premium versions of the Quickie games?

Yes, of course! The entire library of our previous Quickie games will still be immortalised on our Patreon and are available in our Games Library.


3.3 How do I play the old Quickie games now that Flash is not supported?

You can play the public versions in your browser on Newgrounds using the Newgrounds Flash Player. Unfortunately, there is currently no option to play the unreleased premium versions in the browser - but we will update when a solution becomes available.


You can download the swf files (available to Patrons in the Games Library) and play them on your computer using Adobe Flash Project.


You can download APK files (also available to Patrons in the Games Library) and play them on your android device.